Systematic Approaches For

Equality of gender

What is the SAFER Project?

Based on the training of life skills, teachers will transfer appropriate information, knowledge and skills to children to manage their behaviours, avoid and prevent violent behaviours.

Developing healthy relationships with others and maintain meaningful life skills are considered very crucial elements for the building trust and positive relations in order to identify maladaptive and abusive behaviours.

Moreover, trained teachers will be competent to identify, recognise, prevent and know how to respond to incidents of GBV, but also avoid stereotypes that contribute to GBV. The aim of the project is to provide the necessary resources to the teachers to implement activities in the classroom in the future to raise awareness about GBV.

The aims of the SAFER Project


— Raise Awareness

sensitizing and awareness raising of primary school teachers, students, parents and relevant stakeholders regarding Gendere Based Violence.


— Enable Discussion

supplying teachers with relevant classroom material enabling them to discuss about GBV in their classroom.


— Challenge Sterotypes

challenging existing gender stereotypes and ultimately prevent GBV.


— Educate

developing and refining Training/ Educational Package 


— Enrich Teachers

enriching teachers’ competences and awareness about the issues of gender-based violence, and ways to tackle the issue.


— Empower Children

improving children’s knowledge and skills to prevent and to react to GBV.